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Once your vehicle reaches 3 years it is required to undergo an MOT inspection every year. The test is designed make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable to drive on a public road.

The test is carried out in accordance with VOSA guidelines and includes checks on your vehicle’s steering, suspension, wheels, tyres, brakes, lights, seat belts, exhaust, emission and body structure.

We offer MOT inspections for class 4 and class 7 vehicles, click below to continue.

Class 4 MOT

All cars (maximum of 8 passengers) and light commercial vehicles up to 3 tonne.

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Class 7 MOT

Any vehicle over 3 tonne up to 3.5 tonne.

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What happens if my vehicle does not pass?

If your vehicle does not pass the MOT test Going Spare is able to carry out any necessary repairs and will supply you with a quotation prior to any work being carried out. Once we have done this we will retest your vehicle free of charge.

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